1. stopdropandvogue:

    Details of an Alexander McQueen ivy-leaf hand ornament and a moss-green embroidered Valentino dress featured in “Call of the Wild" for Vogue September 2014 photographed by Mikael Jansson

  2. The Kit (magazine app)
    May/June 2014

  3. The Kit
    May/June 2014

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  4. The Kit
    May/June 2014

    magazine app

  5. vintagevandalizm:

    @dorismayday , a classy broad with even classier haiku’s✨ *snaps fingers*

  6. 3 Gorgeous Looks Inspired by the Gucci Makeup Collection

    (Source: allure.com)

  7. Lucille Ball on I love Lucy

  10. 12 Iconic Beauties Who Make The Case for The Cat Eye
    by Sophie Schulte-Hillen

    from the top:
    Grace Jones
    Jean Shrimpton
    Marilyn Monroe
    Ronnie Spector
    Siouxsie Sioux
    Sophia Loren

    (Source: Vogue)